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MerMay day 18 Sweet Dreams

Ah sleep, something that eludes many of us in the present times, even though our beds are arguably more comfortable than ever. Anyways, not here to talk about that today. Welcome to Montenegro (meaning Black Mountain), a place where people live by commandments like “love thy bed as you love thy self”, and “rest during the day, so you can sleep at night”. To be honest, this may have started as a joke to describe their more laid back way of life. In this age though, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to take life slower, and find peace in that. Montenegro is also a Gen Z, recently gaining independence in 2006 from Serbia.

Fun fact: a little town in Montenegro hosts an annual Lazy Olympics, last person to get off the mattress wins. That includes no toilet breaks of course.

Edit: This is too good not to mention! They also had a fake prince- an Italian man conned a bunch of wealthy and famous people into thinking he is the Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia, fooling other real royal people, going so far as to award the title of “countess” to Pamela Anderson before the authorities caught on and arrested him in 2017.