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MerMay day 28| Jingle


Move away, Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis, Pakistan’s got truck art, hand painted and the glory of its drivers.

I tried to base this off the truck art of Pakistan, but I restrained myself since I’m still trying to be true ish to the poise of this series.

For Pakistan history, read below:
Apparently Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be a part of India. After the British left India, they divided India by religion, into 2 parts- India ( Hindu ) and Pakistan(Islam). Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan. It didn’t make sense, as that meant that Pakistan was split with a giant mass of an enemy India in the middle, and so Bangladesh rebelled and became their own country as well. I really don’t get politics and religion. Because of the conflict with India over religion and politics, peace is fragile, and the people suffer. However, the people seem to be very hopeful, their ties with China is boosting their economy by leaps and bounds, most of the people are literate an