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MerMay day 31| Dialogues


To some, this little paradise on Earth feels rather a step back in time. Locals give offerings to the Gods every morning, every villager has an artistic bone in their body, farmer by day, dancer/mask maker/painter by night. Their art is all tied closely with their Balinese Hindu religion, depicting the spirits and gods that they worship.

They don’t actually pray to the mask that they make, but rather, the spirit within the mask. When making the spiritual mask, they choose a special date, and cut only the required amount of wood from the chosen tree. After the mask is complete, they’ll take it back to the tree and show the tree their creation. It feels like showing your mom your new drawing. The mask will be used for dances, where they depict the constant battle between good and evil.

As always, modern culture has seeped into what we foreigners deem as an idyllic lifestyle. A lot of tourists want to preserve Bali as it is.