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MerMay day 26| Everest


The Sherpas are renowned for their mountaineering skills and for working as tour guides onto Mount Everest.

The act of trekking up the mountains is always considered a risky and sacred business, you never know if you’ll be coming back. As far as I can tell ( please correct me!) they’re only doing this for the need to sustain their families. We folk look at Mount Everest as a bucket list thing, they look at it as a job that could get hem killed. They do not get why people will truly wish to risk their lives going up mt Everest, but imagine them having to do it so many times and being the ones to first explore the uncharted mountain territory and set up the ropes and paths for risk takers to follow. Put in the fact that they have families, and if they should perish on the mountains, their wives and children will be suddenly left to fend for themselves.