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MerMay day 27| Meenakshi


In Hindu mythology, Meenakshi is said to be the avatar of the goddess Pavarti. On the day she appeared on earth by stepping out of a sacred fire, she had 3 boobs. The third boob will only disappear when she meets her worthy. She is a bit of a tough gal and challenges any man who wishes for her hand in marriage to combat with her. Eventually her father gave up trying to force her to marry and allowed her to rule the kingdom as a single woman. While leading a military campaign, she met her match, the lord Shiva as Sundareswara. Then did her third boob disappear. Hindu mythology, guys. They’re not called epics for nothing xD

Every day in her temple, the icon of her husband is symbolically carried to her chamber every night so they they can be together, and then carried back to his shrine the next day ❤️

Another fun little thing, her name literally means Fish-Eyed. There is an ancient belief that fish feed their young merely by looking at them; so the goddess su