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MerMay 10| Familiar Stranger

At last, I think I found my mojo back. After consuming the heart and arts of other people -mob psycho100, Avatar(air bender), Stardew Valley, some Gumball, Life is Strange, and also distancing myself from the insane news, I bring thee a belated Mermaid. I did try forcing myself to draw prior to this, but the outcome was just too unacceptable to me. Perhaps you might like it, it’s not too bad, but I felt like it was trying to hard and clashing with a noisy design. Will upload that next ^_^

In between, thanks for sharing your good vibes and your enthusiasm for this series with me💙I will finish the 31 drawings this year, I promise!

This is a re-do of another piece that I wasn’t satisfied with.
Link to original: