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MerMay day13 A Name of My Own

North Macedônia is a country whose name was only recently settled upon in the Prespa agreement in 2018. The country has been under constant identity conflicts with its neighbours, with Greece challenging the name Macedônia and the use of symbols like the Vergina sun on its flag, Bulgaria contesting that the language they speak is not “Macedonian” but actually Bulgarian (or a dialect of)- going so far as to say that all Macedonians are Bulgarians, and the Serbian Orthodox Church not recognising Macedonian Orthodox Church’s self proclaimed autocephalous (self governing) status. Prior to being The Republic of North Macedônia, it was known as The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

All in all, the Balkans is a place where the people have ALOT of overlapping history and an endless supply of things to quarrel over. In the words of @geographynow_official , the Balkans is Europe’s most dysfunctional family. It was quite confusing to sort of comb through the mess of lines between all of them and figure out what each country is really about, as they all share a lot together.

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