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MerMay 27| Kolorowy

Poland kinda got lucky and unlucky with it's geography. It's terrain is largely flat-ish, with nice arable land good for cultivation, and development without barriers or obstructions like mountains in the way. Unfortunately, this also makes Poland easier to invade and be fought over, which happened more than 40 times in the course of 400 years. In fact, Poland almost disappeared from the map for 123 years from 1795 until 1918, as it was partitioned among Prussia, Russia and Austria. If you've heard about WW2, you'll probably know that Poland got one of the most severe of beatings, with the Auschwitz concentration camp as a grim souvenier.

The polish are true survivors though, and created many inventions- like the kerosene lamp, bullet proof vest, walkie-talkie, and espernato (a neutral language of understanding and diplomacy that everyone can communicate in, and hopefully end world conflicts). They did quite a large contribution to the photography and film industry as well, with Kazimierz Prószyński giving us the first hand-held film camera, and Jan Szxzepanik (aka.Polish Edison), pioneering stuff like motion pictures, colour television, and colour photography, along with other stuff like early flying machines, submarines, the wireless telegraph. The things is, they're not widely mentioned in other places, I'm not sure why. Was it not because their invention didn' t get recognised? Could have been too advanced for the time and left on the wayside and forgotten. I'm really not sure, if anybody knows, please share in the comments~

If you're curious about what I drew in this mermies' skirt tail, from left to right- lajkovnik- pomeranian- Malbork castle- crooked forest.

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