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MerMay 31| Pysanka

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at our last stop in Europe for 2020's MerMay series, welcome to Ukraine. A pysanka (meaning, "to write") is an egg decorated using the wax-resist method. It started as a pagan custom, and with the advent of Christianity, initially Pagan symbols were repurposed and new symbols like the lamb and cross were introduced. Initially, the Pysanka represents Nature's rebirth, and is imbued with special powers to ward off evil and bring in good stuff. When Christianity came around, it came to represent the rebirth of men. According to legend, as long as the tradition of egg writing continues, the world will continue to exist. If abandoned, evil will get loose and overrun the world. Christian legends mostly tell of the egg suddenly becoming colorful in the presence of Jesus.

Thank you so much for following this series, knowing some of you are waiting helps me keep this going <3 I know a lot of people are asking, but Iā€™m sorry, there won't be a zine this year. I'm exhausted /-/. There will be prints though. I might take a break from this particular "around the world" series for a bit, maybe do some random drawings, just to y'know, keep it freshy loosy goosy. 2020 has been wild, stay strong, you got this.

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