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MerMay day 14 Shelltered

During the Cold War, Albania was governed by a man named Enver Hoxha, a guy who saw enemies in all of Albania’s neighbours (well it is post WW2). In about 20 years, he built almost 175,000 reinforced concrete bunkers all around the country to be ready for an invasion of a Soviet attack- fortunately that didn’t happen, but unfortunately, this was thoroughly unhelpful to the already weak Albania economy. The bunkers did come into some small use in the Kosovo War and Albanian Civil War, but that’s about it. Presently, some of them have been modified for use as hostels, homes, cafes, etc, but most of them were basically left to decay slowly. After years of isolating themselves from most of the world, Albania has come out from under the bunker regime of Hoxha to become a more sociable little butterfly 🦋

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