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A little PSA. Our rivers have kinda become the scapegoats of our modern lives. Our clean drinkable water is actually super limited, and a lot of what we do indirectly pollutes them- our fueling of capitalist culture, trash management and overall carelessness. Even if we live in the cities, our trash has that ability to flow and fly all the way out to the rivers and to the seas, our cars leak oil and it gets washed into the drains which also makes it to rivers, making the people who live near rivers sick and the fishes in them dead. The drawing of the river I did barely looks like what we normally associate with a river anymore, dammed and flowing with trash. It just really breaks my heart what we have done but don’t realise. Please, let’s be better humans.

Thankyou, @ddaddystar for the crit and inspiration. Comic initiative hosted by @selangor_maritime_gateway.