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MerMay 30| Poseidon's Bane

Netherlands, waterbender and tamer of the waterways. It's name means "lower land", and it really is, with about half of the country, including Amsterdam, below sea level. The name "Holland", is actually just two provinces within the Netherlands. They used to have a lot of flooding, but through impressive engineering and big brain action, they reclaimed land plots and built dijks (sea walls) to protect the country from being enveloped by the sea. In fact, 17% of Amsterdam is made up of land reclaimed from the sea or lakes. You know those windmills? In the early days, apart from grinding grains and such, they were used to pump water out of the land. Even to this day, they still serve as emergency water pumpers when flooding happens.

Another fascinating moment in history of the Dutch, there was a time where a single tulip bulb was equal in value to a house. The Tulip Mania rose and crash dramatically, and is considered the first recorded economic bubble in history. A bit complicated for me to get into, but worth understanding. They also have this fascination with the colour orange.

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