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MerMay 28| Cross my heart

Switzerland is a neutral country, meaning that it doesn't partake in wars nor side any particular party. They've been neutral since 1815, and kept out of the 2 world wars happening around it. To remain neutral, it is also not part of the EU.

If you've heard about the Red Cross, it was started by a swiss businessman named Henry Dunant. After witnessing the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino which left about 40,000 soldiers dead and dying in a single day with insufficient medical attendance and basic care, he abandoned his business plans and devoted himself to helping the treatment and care of the wounded. His humanitarian heart was too big for his own wealth to handle, using and giving all of his money to aid humanitarian efforts to the point of bankruptcy. For fifteen years after the scandal of his bankruptcy, he lived in obscurity and poverty, sleeping outdoors and living off bread crumbs. During his disappearance, the papers even presumed him dead. Years later, he was rediscovered living in a nursing home and co-awarded the first Nobel peace prize for his role in the founding of the International Red Cross Movement and initiating the Geneva Convetion. Despite receving the prize money, Henry Dunant spent none of it and continued staying in the humble hospice. Upon his death, he wanted no funeral, and bequeathed the prize money to charitable causes. This story melts my heart so much.

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